Clinical PET: Principles and Applications

Páginas: 394 pág.ISBN: 0-387-40854-1With contributions from leaders in the PET community, Textbook of Clinical PET is a valuable overview of the basic principles and clinical applications of PET. Emphasis is placed on the familiarization of normal distribution, artifacts, and common imaging agents such as FDG in conjunction with CT, MRI, and US to establish the…


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Handbook of Laser Technology and Applications

Volume 1: PrinciplesVolume 2: Laser Design and Laser SystemsVolume 3: Applications Páginas: 2784 pág.ISBN: 0750306076The invention of the laser was one of the towering achievements of the twentieth century. At the opening of the twenty-first century we are witnessing the burgeoning of the myriad technical innovations to which that invention has led. The first of…

Laser Safety

Páginas: 480 pág.ISBN: 0750308591This book is intended as a practical and comprehensive handbook in laser safety for those using and working with lasers in industry, academic research, medicine and other areas, for those having responsibility for safety in organisations where lasers are in use, and also for those who manufacture lasers and laser-based products who…