Hospital HVAC Design : A Challenge for IAQ, Energy Recovery and System Reliability

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Journal. 2002Autores: By George Sze Senior Consultant (Mechanical Engineering), CPG Corporation Pte Ltd, Singapore Lek Siang Hwa Vice President(Mechanical) CPG Corporation Pte Ltd, Singapore Atul Mathur Content Alive, Singapore Abstract: This article is written from the perspective of consultants and does not cover any particular project but draws on authors? experiences…

CAPITAL WORKS GUIDELINESBuilding and Refurbishment: Infection Control Guidelines

These guidelines supersede the Queensland Health Capital Works Guidelines, Building and Refurbishment Infection Control and Sterilising guidelines (1997). Other documents that may provide assistance in regards to building and refurbishment include Queensland Health Infection Control Guidelines (2001), relevant Australian Standards and Section 1 of the Queensland Health Capital Works Guidelines.The specialist practice of infection control…

Recomanacions per a la prevenció de les infeccions quirúrgiques

Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Sanitat i Seguretat Social. Barcelona: 2002
Colección: Recomanacions per a la prevenció de la infecció als centres sanitaris
ISBN: 84-393-5506-8

A. Domínguez
J.C. Frías
S. García
M.T. Jiménez de Anta
M. Pagés
J. Ramentol
A. Fernández-Sabaté
A. Teixidó
J. Vaqué
Domínguez, A. … [et al.]

Comfortable Quarters for Dogs in Research Institutions

The dog is one of the oldest domesticated animals and has probably been associated with man for at least 14,000 years. For many people their pet dog has a special status and is often considered as a member of the family. In consequence, the dog when used as an experimental animal receives special protection in…

SARECSS Criterios técnicos de autorización administrativa de los centros asistenciales en el ámbito de la cirugía ambulatoria.

Principalmente, creemos que este documento aporta los requerimientos mínimos, en algunas ocasiones con carácter de normativa, que son necesarios para la práctica de la cirugía menor ambulatoria extrahospitalaria, la cirugía hecha en el consultorio (office-based surgery) y los procedimientos diagnosticoterapéuticos invasivos o que requieran sedación y que se realizan fuera del área quirúrgica.

Comfortable quarters for laboratory animals

ISBN: 093841402XTable of Contents: i Foreword by David B. Morton ii-iv Introduction by Viktor and Annie Reinhardt 1-5 The Ill-Effects of Uncomfortable Quarters by William M.S. Russell 6-17 Comfortable Quarters for Mice in Research Institutions by Chris M. Sherwin 18-25 Comfortable Quarters for Gerbils in Research Institutions by Eva Waiblinger 26-32 Comfortable Quarters for Rats…

Improving housing conditions for laboratory mice: a review of `environmental enrichment`

Laboratory animal facilities have been designed to provide a standard environment where animals can be kept in good physical health at the same time as economic and ergonomic considerations are met. Recognizing the potential welfare problem associated with behavioural restriction in such housing systems, a number of attempts have been made to improve this environment,…