H2O2- Niedrigtemperatur-Plasmasterilisation (NTP): Neue Moglichkeit fur den Einstatz augenchirurgischer Instrumente

La technologie Sterrad et ses limites en ophtalmologie . Stérilisation des instruments de microchirurgie .
Fortsch M, Pruter JW, Draeger J, Helm F, Sammann A, Seibt H, Ahlborn H

Infection control and the design of a new operating theatre suite

Journal of Hospital Infection, 1993;23(1):61-70Abstract: There is increasing interest in the layout, design, building and equipping of operating theatres and both national and professional guidelines are available. Certain design features are important to reduce or minimize postoperative infection and it is therefore essential that the Infection Control Team is involved from the outset. The advice…