Fecha: 01/01/1987
Idioma: Inglés
Procedencia: Academic Press
Ubicación: España

ISBN: 0-12-714165-0
List of Reviewers for Chapters in This Volume.
The Golden or Syrian Hamster:
Historical Perspectives and Taxonomy, J.D. Clark.
Morphophysiology, W.S. Bivon, G.A. Olsen, and K.A. Murray.
Clinical Chemistry and Hematology, F.N. Tomson and K.J. Wardrop.
Care and Management, M.W. Balk and G.M. Slater.
Biomethodology, J. Silverman.
Viral Diseases, J.C. Parker, J.R. Ganaway, and C.S. Gillett.
Bacterial and Mycotic Diseases, C.S. Frisk.
Parasitic Diseases, J.E. Wagner.
Neoplastic Diseases, J.D. Strandberg.
Noninfectious Diseases, G.B. Hubbard and R.E. Schmidt.
Drugs Used in Hamsters with a Review of Antibiotic-Associated Colitis, J.D. Small.
Experimental Biology: Use in Oncologic Research, J.J. Trentin.
Experimental Biology: Use in Immunobiology, J.W. Streilein.
Experimental Biology: Use in Infectious Disease Research, J.K. Frenkel.
Experimental Biology: Genetic Models in Biomedical Research, F.Homburger and J. Peterson.
Experimental Biology: Other Research Uses of Syrian Hamsters, C.E. Newcomer, D.A. Fitts, B.D. Goldman, M.R. Murphy, G.N. Rao, G. Shklar, and J.L. Schwartz.
Appendix: Selected Normative Data for the Syrian Golden Hamster, C.W. McPherson.
The Striped or Chinese Hamster:
Biology and Care, A.Chang, A. Diani, and M. Connell.
Diseases, W.C. Ladiges.
Use in Research, A. Diani and G. Gerritsen.
The European Hamster:
Biology, Care, and Use in Research, U. Mohr and H. Ernst.
Other Hamsters:
Biology, Care, and Use in Research, C.A. Cantrell and D. Padovan.
Hoosier, G.L.

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