Hanasaari Cultural Centre – Espoo (Helsinki), del 15 al 19 de mayo de 2005
Target group:

Occupational health professionals active in the fields of occupational medicine and exposure assessment, researchers, and people involved in studies related to occupational health.

Main topics:

– Biomarkers of exposure, effect and susceptibility
– Collection of biological samples
– Kinetics of chemicals in animals and humans, and modelling
– Dose-effect and dose-response relationships
– Interpretation of biomonitoring results
– Reference values and biomonitoring action levels
– Quality assurance of analytical measurements
– Ethical issues in biomonitoring


The course aims to give the participants an overview and understanding of the latest trends in the selection of biomarkers in the assessment of chemical exposure, knowledge about factors influencing biological monitoring results, and skills in interpreting the results.

After the course the participants will be able to:

– understand methodological problems in biological monitoring
– identify the sources of error in sampling, and minimize such errors
– interpret meaningfully biological monitoring results
– plan and run biomonitoring programmes
NIVA – Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health

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