Fecha: 01/05/1985
Idioma: Inglés
Procedencia: The Journal of Infection
Ubicación: España

J Infect, 1985 May;10(3):228-32

Youngs, E.R.; Roberts, C.; Kramer, J.M.; Gilbert, R.J.


During a period of 4 months, 54 of 1059 (5%) specimens received for bacterial culture from neonates in a maternity unit yielded Bacillus cereus. Of the strains isolated, 48 originated from 259 umbilical cord swabs examined. Furthermore, 88% of the isolates belonged to a single, previously undescribed serotype. Strains of the same serotype were also found to be widely distributed in the environment throughout the maternity unit. The primary source of the organism, however, could not be established.
Youngs, E.R. … [et al.]

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