Fecha: 01/01/2007
Idioma: Inglés
Procedencia: UFAW/RSCPA

This resource was produced by members of the UFAW/RSPCA Rabbit Behaviour and Welfare Group. It is intended for use by animal technicians, facility managers, veterinarians and scientists and provides guidance to help meet the needs of the laboratory rabbit and improve upon the husbandry standards set out by national guidelines or legislation1, 2.

The recommendations, guidelines and case studies within this book are based on the expertise and practical experiences of people who use and care for laboratory rabbits, supported by reference to the current animal welfare science and laboratory animal science literature.

1 Rabbits’ behavioural needs: How to optimise welfare
1.1 Enclosure size and characteristics
1.2 Social housing
1.3 Solid flooring and substrate
1.4 Raised areas
1.5 Refuges
1.6 Gnawing objects and dietary enrichment
1.7 Positive interaction with humans
1.8 Toys and objects to manipulate
1.9 Special needs of breeding does
2 Monitoring refinements and record keeping
3 Rehoming rabbits
4 Rabbit-related resources
5 Feedback
6 Acknowledgements
Appendix: Rabbit ethogram

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