Steam Sterilisation

Páginas: 4 págs.Autor: Dieter AchterbergConvener, CEN TC 102, Working Group 3, European Committee for Standardization (CEN) Introducción: The roots of steam sterilisation go back to the findings of Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch in the 19th century. Currently, sterilisation system users canresort to a huge potential of sound knowledge. Next to the multitude of scientific…

Review of ventilation systems in operating rooms in view of infection control

Páginas: 10 págs.Autores: M.A. Melhado, J.L.M. Hensen 1Center for Building and Systems, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands M. LoomansNederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek (TNO), Netherlands Abstract The Postoperative Infection Rate (PIR) generally depends on factors such as the type of surgery, the cleanliness of equipment, medical procedures, and the level of microorganisms in the immediate…

Modifiable risk factors associated with deep sternal site infection after coronary artery bypass grafting

The Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 2000;119(1):108-14Autores: William E. Trick, MDJerome I. Tokars, MDKevin C. Jones, DOWilliam R. Jarvis, MDHospital Infections Program, Centers for Disease Control and PreventionAtlanta, Ga William E. Scheckler, MDMel L. Reppen, RNEllen M. Smith, RNSaint Marys Hospital Medical CenterMadison, Wis Abstract: Objective: Our objective was to identify risk factors for…

Bases para la limpieza en los centros sanitarios

Páginas: 43 págs.Autores: Ll. Torrens GarciaHospital Universitari de Bellvitge. L?Hospitalet de Llobregat J. Espuñes VendrellDepartament de Sanitat i Seguretat Social J. Merino GonzálezSEGLA. Barcelona Mª D. Navarro SolàFundació Hospital Asil de Granollers F. Obradors SorianoFundació ALTHAIA. Hospital de Sant Joan de Deu. Manresa Contenidos: 1. Objetivo2. Ámbito de actuación 2.1. Ítems del centro3. Clasificación de…

Literature Review of Staff Thermal Comfort and Patient ?Thermal Risks? in Operating Rooms

Páginas: 4 págs.Autores: M.A. Melhado, J.L.M. Hensen and M. LoomansTechnical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands Abstract: This paper discusses the thermal comfort of Staff and the ?thermal risks? for the patient in operating rooms. Staff has often reported thermal discomfort during surgery. Factors which affect the thermal comfort include physiological and psychological perception, climate, the level…

Review of operating room ventilation standards

Páginas: 7 págs.Autores: M.A. Melhado, J.L.M. HensenTechnische Universiteit Eindhoven, Netherlands M. LoomansNederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk onderzoek (TNO), Netherlands L. ForejtCzech Technical University Abstract: This article reviews standards applied to operating room ventilation design used by European, South and North American countries. Required environmental parameters are compared with regard to type of surgery, and ventilation system.…

CAPITAL WORKS GUIDELINES Building and Refurbishment: Infection Control Guidelines

Páginas: 130 págs.Introducción: These guidelines supersede the Queensland Health Capital Works Guidelines, Building and Refurbishment Infection Control and Sterilising guidelines (1997). Other documents that may provide assistance in regards to building and refurbishment include Queensland Health Infection Control Guidelines (2001), relevant Australian Standards and Section 1 of the Queensland Health Capital Works Guidelines. The aim…

Guía de procedimientos de esterilización en el medio hospitalario

Páginas: 35 págs.

Fernanda Rodríguez Durán
Hospital Montecelo

Maribel Carreira Rodríguez
C.H. Xeral Calde

Isabel Castro Lareo
Sofía Martínez-Falero
C.H. Arquitecto Marcide-Nóvoa Santos

Francisco Javier Salceda
H. Xeral-Cíes

Luisa Abraira
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