Enhanced Identification of Postoperative Infections among Inpatients

Emerging Infectious Diseases, november 2004;10(11):1924-30Autores: Deborah S. Yokoe, Gary A. Noskin, Susan M. Cunningham, Gianna Zuccotti, Theresa Plaskett, Victoria J. Fraser, Margaret A. Olsen, Jerome I. Tokars, Steven Solomon, Trish M. Perl, Sara E. Cosgrove, Richard S. Tilson, Maurice Greenbaum, David C. Hooper, Kenneth E. Sands, John Tully, Loreen A. Herwaldt, Daniel J. Diekema, Edward…

Infection Control in Anaesthesia

Páginas: 19 págs.SUMMARY (1) A named consultant in each department of anaesthesia should liaise with Trust Infection Control Teams and Occupational Health Departments to ensure relevant specialist standards are established and monitored in all areas of anaesthetic practice.(2) Precautions against transmission of infection between patient and anaesthetist or between patients should be a routine part…

Le livre blanc : Pharmacie hospitaliere horizon 2012

Páginas: 88 págs.Introducción: 1994 a vu la première édition du livre blanc de la pharmacie hospitalièrefrançaise. Ce livre blanc a constitué une étape importante de réflexion pour la profession en permettant de définir dix priorités de développement : – Analyse pharmaceutique des ordonnances– Choix des thérapeutiques et animation du comité du médicament et des dispositifs…

Day surgery: Operational guide

Páginas: 40 págs.Contents: 1. Introduction 2. Patients 3. Day Surgery Activity 4. Accommodation for Day Surgery 5. Management 6. Staff 7. Primary Care Trusts 8. Conclusion Annex A The Audit Commission ?Basket of 25? Audit Commission 25 Basket Procedures Coding Annex B British Association of Day Surgery?s ?trolley? of procedures Annex C Procedures to be…

Postoperative management in adults : a practical guide to postoperative care for clinical staff

Páginas: 58 págs.
ISBN: 1-899893-09-1

1. Early identification of at-risk patients
2. Monitoring in the postoperative period
3. Early recognition, investigation, and management of clinical deterioration
4. Identification of key physiological requirements in the postoperative period
5. Referral to expert care
6. Nutrition in the postoperative period

Ventilation Standard for Health Care Facilities

Páginas: 5 págs.ASHRAE Journal, october 2008:p.52-8Autor: Paul Ninomura, P.E.Richard Hermans, P.E.Member ASHRAE Abstract: Some disparity has existed in ASHRAE recommendations related to ventilation recommendations for health care facilities. ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1-2007, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality, and the 2007 ASHRAE Handbook-HVAC Applications have some differences in their recommendations. Although Standard 62.1 is an ANSI…

Environment and sustainability Health Technical Memorandum. 07-01: Safe management of healthcare waste

Páginas: 120 págs.ISBN: 0-11-322766-3 / 978-0-11-322766-2Contenido: This document has been produced as best practice guide to the management of healthcare waste. Healthcare waste refers to any waste produced by, and as a consequence of, healthcare activities. For the purposes of this document, this guidance also applies to offensive/gygiene and infectious waste produced in the community…