The Laboratory Rat

Páginas: 214 pág.
2ª Edición
ISBN: 0-12-426400-X
The premier reference for regulatory compliance, research, facility management, and technical procedures. Features include normative values, anesthesia methods, blood sampling methods, age related lesions, colony health surveillance, and necropsy techniques. Includes husbandry tips, resource lists, and experimental methodologies. It is the most recent comprehensive rat reference book.
Suckow, Mark A.

Methods for evaluation of laboratory animal well-being (Article)

Alternatives to laboratory animals 2004, vol. 32, pp. 161-162, SUP1A Well-being is a relative concept, referring to the state of an animal in relation to its ability to cope with its environment. This ability to cope is what we usually try to measure when evaluating the animal`s well-being. Good welfare is, in general, considered to…

Use of animals in experimental research: an ethical dilemma?

Mankind has been using animals already for a long time for food, for transport and as companion. The use of animals in experimental research parallels the development of medicine, which had its roots in ancient Greece (Aristotle, Hippocrate). With the Cartesian philosophy in the 17th century, experiments on animals could be performed without great moral…

Guidelines for the Use of Fishes in Research

The new and revised Guidelines were developed to provide a structure that ensures appropriate attention to valid experimental design and procedures while also ensuring humane treatment of the experimental subjects. At a practical level, the Guidelines are intended to provide general recommendations on field and laboratory activities, such assampling, holding, and handling fishes; information on…

Clinical PET: Principles and Applications

Páginas: 394 pág.ISBN: 0-387-40854-1With contributions from leaders in the PET community, Textbook of Clinical PET is a valuable overview of the basic principles and clinical applications of PET. Emphasis is placed on the familiarization of normal distribution, artifacts, and common imaging agents such as FDG in conjunction with CT, MRI, and US to establish the…

Proceso Asistencial Integrado. Bloque quirúrgico

En este libro propone un Proceso Asistencial Bloque Quirúrgico permita obtener unos resultados de calidad, adecuándolo a las necesidades tanto de los usuarios como de los profesionales. ÍNDICE 1. INTRODUCCIÓN 2. DEFINICIÓN GLOBAL 3. DESTINATARIOS Y OBJETIVOS Destinatarios y expectativasObjetivos. Flujos de salida. Características de calidad  4. COMPONENTES Descripción generalProfesionales. Actividades. Características de calidadRecursos. Características de calidadUnidades de soporte …

Productos farmacéuticos

BOE nº297 de 12 de diciembre de 2003. Orden SCO/3461/2003, de 26 de noviembre, por la que se actualiza el anexo II del Real Decreto 767/1993, de 21 de mayo, por el que se regula la evaluación, autorización, registro y condiciones de dispensación de especialidades farmacéuticas y otros medicamentos de uso humano fabricados industrialmente.