Fecha: 01/01/2009
Idioma: Inglés
Autor: Varios autores
Procedencia: Department of Health, Safety and Environment
Ubicación: Canada

This manual has been developed by the Office of Biosafety, Department of Health, Safety and Environment, UBC, with the endorsement of the University`s Biosafety Committee. It is intended to provide information to protect workers and the surrounding environment from possible exposure to biohazardous agents. The information also serves to protect experiments and research by controlling the unwanted spread of contamination.
The premise is that no experiment should be considered so important as to jeopardize the well being of the worker or the environment. The planning and implementation of safety practices to prevent laboratory-acquired infections and to eliminate the spread of contamination must be part of every laboratory`s routine activities.
The handling of biological agents and recombinant DNA requires the use of precautionary measures dependent on the agents involved and the procedures being performed. It is the purpose of this manual to provide background information and guidelines to be used in conjunction with other resources for the evaluation, containment and control of biohazardous materials in the research laboratory.


– Risk Assessment
– Risk Control
– Risk Decontamination
– Risk Disposal
– Glossary

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