Fecha: 01/01/2004
Idioma: Inglés
Procedencia: SPON, E & F. N. LTD
Ubicación: España

Páginas: 378 pág.
Engineering services within buildings can account for up to forty per cent of the original cost. The energy-using systems that service the building are a significant expense for the building owner in terms of the installed cost, the energy consumed during fifty years, or more, and in the maintenance, repair and upgrading of the systems and plant. This third edition of this well established textbook has been expanded to include new material on the acoustic design of air duct systems and updated numerical examples and questions. There are sufficient worked examples and student exercises to aid understanding and to provide assignment tasks and examination questions. The subjects of heating, air conditioning, water and gas distribution, electricity and drainage are all covered at introductory level and beyond.
Chadderton, D. V.

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