Fecha: 01/08/2006
Idioma: Inglés
Autor: Department of Health
Procedencia: Western Australia
Ubicación: Australia

This document is the engineering hospital design and operation guidelines for Section E of the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines. This document is used when designing and operating Public hospitals built or altered in Western Australia. Its requirements take precedence over any conflicting requirements in the Australasian Health Facility Guidelines.

– Introduction
– Copyright
– Compliance
– Boundaries of influence
– Definitions
– Engineering Services risk Management Plan
– Reliability and Redundancy Criteria
– Engineering Services Operating Polices
– General and Environmental Requirements
– Engineering Services, civil
– Engineering Services, Communications
– Engineering Services, Electrical
– Engineering Services, Fire
– Engineering Services, Hydraulic
– Engineering Services, Mechanical
– Engineering Services, Medical Gases
– Services, Security
– Engineering Services, Structural
– Engineering Services, Transportation
– Equipment
– Facility Management
– Facility Operation
– Facility Maintenance
– Project Commissioning Certificates

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