The National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Manual

| 08/04/2011
Gestión Higiene y desinfección hospitalaria Documentación Artículos The National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Manual

In recent years, occupational hazards faced by healthcare personnel (HCP) in the United States have received increasing attention. Although recommendations, guidelines, and regulations to minimize HCP exposure to such hazards have been developed, additional information is needed to improve HCP safety. In particular, existing surveillance systems are often inadequate to describe the scope and magnitude of occupational exposures to infectious agents and non-infectious occupational hazards that HCP experience, the outcomes of these exposures and injuries, and the impact of preventive measures. The lack of ongoing surveillance of occupational exposures, injuries, and infections in a national network of healthcare facilities using standardized methodology also compromises the ability of the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) and other public health agencies to identify emerging problems, to monitor trends, and to evaluate preventive measures.
1.- Introduction to the Healthcare Personnel Safety Component
2.- Healthcare Personnel Safety Reporting Plan
3.- Blood/Body Fluid Exposure Modules (With and Without Exposure Management)
4.- Influenza Vaccination and Exposure Management Modules
5.- Tables of Instructions
6.- Key Terms
7.- CDC Codes (Occupations, Devices and PEP Drugs)

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