NFPA 101: Life Safety Code Handbook

| 01/01/2003
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Páginas: 1.000 págs.

Support your projects with the illustrated advice in NFPA?s 2003 Life Safety Code Handbook!

NFPA investigations into fatal fires invariably turn up Life Safety Code® violations. That?s why so many professionals involved with building safety won?t work without the extra guidance in NFPA?s fully illustrated Life Safety Code Handbook!

With over 1,000 pages of explanations, examples, and art that augment the 2003 Code text, the Handbook is indispensable for interpreting and applying today?s LSC.

Unlike the Code, the Handbook presents rules for ?new? and ?existing? construction side by side. It?s worth buying for this feature alone!
The latest commentary, examples, solutions, and tips from the NFPA life safety specialists are shown directly beneath the complete requirements from the 2003 edition of NFPA 101.

More than 400 two-color graphics and informative photographs illustrate Code concepts so you apply provisions without errors or delays.

NFPA?s Handbook is written by the same staff specialists who help develop requirements, so it gives you an ?insider? view of how the 2003 Code works. Find the details you need to know about:

Means of Egress: Apply critical concepts about features necessary for ?prompt escape? from any occupancy, with the Handbook?s clear explanations and detailed graphics.

Features of Fire Protection: Enhance your understanding of compartmentation through use of fire barriers, protection of vertical openings, and subdivision of building space through the use of smoke barriers.

Performance-Based Option: Gain helpful insights into the Code?s recently added performance-based design option. The Handbook is especially essential for engineers and AHJs! (Approx. 1,000 pp., 2003)
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