Fecha: 01/01/1991
Idioma: Inglés
Procedencia: American Society of Microbiology
Ubicación: España

Dentro de: Manual of Clinical Microbiology / Balows A., Hausler W.J. Jr, Herrmann K.L., Isenberg H.D., Shadomy H.J. 5th edition. Washington (DC): American Society of Microbiology;1991. p.183-200

The choice of agents and procedures to be used for hospital environmental disinfection, sanitization, and antisepsis depends on a variety of factors, and no single agent or procedure is adequate for all purposes. Factors to be considered in selection of procedures include the degree of microbial killing required, the nature of the item or surface to be treated, and the cost and ease of using the available agents. This chapter discusses each of these factors and practical methods for estimating the effectiveness of the various agents and procedures.
Favero, M.S.; Bond, W.

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