Interior Design Manual: For New Construction and Renovations of hospitals and clinics

Department of Veterans Affairs | 01/05/2008
Arquitectura Documentación Documentos Interior Design Manual: For New Construction and Renovations of hospitals and clinics

Interior Design Manual

The purpose of the IDM is to aid in the translation of VA Master Specifications into patient-centered design solutions. Design solutions should improve the quality of life and productivity as well as protect the health, safety and welfare of the veterans, visitors and staff. Interior Design is a major component in establishing and maintaining an environment that is professional, therapeutic, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally appropriate. The IDM will provide tools for understanding current healthcare design industry standards as well as innovative out-of-the-box thinking balanced with a clear awareness of what designing for VA means.



  • Executive Summary

  • VA Architectural Standards and Criteria 

  • Conceptual Design Considerations

    • Design Considerations

    • Emerging Healthcare Design

    • Technology

    • Evidence-Based Design

    • Sustainability

    • Collaborative Resources

  • Architectural Rules 

    • Vision and Intent

    • Concepts

    • Decision Criteria

  • Design Approach

    • Team Structure

    • Ideas and Innovation

    • Options and Presentation

    • Solutions and Final Presentation

    • Check List

  • Standards

    • Design Guides vs. Design Manuals

    • Standard Details

    • Kit of Parts

    • VA Master Specifications

    • Tools for Tracking Cost

    • Tools for Tracking Furniture

  • Project Documentation

    • Documentation

    • Presentation

    • Specifications

    • Drawings

    • Resource Examples


  • Hospitals - New Construction, Additions and Renovations 

  • Clinics - Outpatient and Community Based Outpatient 

  • Nursing Home and Long Term Care


  • Glossary of Terms

  • Glossary of Acronyms and Abbreviations 


  • Internal Resources 

  • External Resources

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