Fecha: 01/01/2001
Idioma: Inglés
Procedencia: Public Health Laboratory Service, United Kingdom

From: The Journal of Hospital Infection, Vol 47 (Supplement), S1-S42

Improved patient care is at the very heart of the NHS Plan and modernisation process. More robust arrangements for the control of infection in hospitals are a fundamental part of the agenda of modernisation. Not all hospital acquired infection is avoidable but a significant proportion is preventable. Better application of existing knowledge and adherence to good practice can make a major contribution to that end. These multi-professional guidelines, commissioned by the Department of Health, have been developed after a systematic and expert review of all of the available scientific evidence. They cover many elements of clinical practice that are an essential part of action to prevent the spread of hospital-acquired infection, including multi-drug resistant organisms. These guidelines provide sound and clear statements of evidence-based good practice which can be adapted for use locally by all health care practitioners. They also provide a useful tool for clinicl governance and audit purposes. Cites references at end of each chapter.

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