Burns and Fires from eletrosurgical active electrodes

| 30/10/2008
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Health Devices, aug-sep 1993;22(8-9):421-2

For more than 20 years, ECRI has warned users about problems related to inadvertent activation of electrosurgical unit (ESU) active electrodes. Inadvertent activation typically occurs when a surgeon places an ESU electrode on the patient or surgical drapes between intended ESU activations and a device malfunction or unintentional switch activation causes the device to become energized, resulting in a burn or fire. (For assistance in investigating such incidents, see our Guidance Article "Investigating Device-Related 'Burns.'")

Although we have repeatedly recommended the use of clearly audible activation tones and safety holsters, we continue to receive problem reports and to conduct accident investigations related to inadvertent ESU electrode activation. This has prompted us to update our previous reports and to reemphasize the need to use safety features and precautions.

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