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NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) | 01/01/2003
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Get on top of your industry with the expanded Fire Protection Handbook!

Your world is filled with new safety concerns, plus overwhelming amounts of breakthrough data in the fields of fire protection, fire safety, and building design. Support your projects--and the people you protect--with the only encyclopedic source for trustworthy information: NFPA's updated Fire Protection Handbook!

Authoritative and comprehensive, the new FPH covers major advances in fire alarm safety...rescue risk analysis...and water mist suppression. With two volumes and 200 chapters, no aspect of fire protection or life safety is overlooked! 20 new chapters address topics that are essential to your work, including...

Six new chapters in the section on water-based suppression--including chapters on sprinkler systems for storage facilities, and power supplies and controllers for motor-driven fire pumps
A new chapter on fundamentals of safe building design details how design loads and forces, and building systems and components, impact safety in new and existing structures.
The updated section on organizing for fire and rescue services includes new tactics for fire department commanders in added chapters on fire service training, and alternate water supplies.
Major changes in the section on detection and alarm give fire protection designers and engineers the latest on fire alarm systems, fire alarm system interfaces, and carbon monoxide detection.
Anyone responsible for safety training needs the Handbook?s idea-packed chapter entitled Fire and Life Safety Education: A Measure of Fire Department Excellence!
Only NFPA could make this wealth of timely information readily accessible...

No one understands the challenges of your job better than NFPA, and we?ve organized the FPH so you can navigate quickly and intuitively. The information is compiled into two volumes--with thousands of illustrations and photos, plus tables and graphs. Order today! (Approx. 3,100 pp., 2003)
NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)

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