Recommendations on minimal requirements for Intensive Care Departments

| 01/04/1997
Servicios Hospitalarios Unidades Hospitalización Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos Documentación Artículos Recommendations on minimal requirements for Intensive Care Departments

The objectives of an Intensive Care Department (ICD) are the monitoring and support of failing vital functions in critically ill patients, in order to perform adequate diagnostic
measures and medical and/or surgical therapies to improve outcome. Successful intensive care medicine depends on a meticulous interaction between human, technological and spatial resources. The purpose of the following recommendations is
to provide a guide for those who are planning a new department or to adapt an existing one. It should, however, be clear that most of the recommendations are not based on scientifically well documented evidence but rather express the consensus of a group of
opinion leaders (see Task Force members) involved in intensive care medicine. As such, the recommendations represent a European average, and adaptations on local situations may be necessary. Many existing ICDs may be unable to comply with some recommendations because of structural and other constraints. The recommendations are presented here as a condensed list of items and are described in more detail in a
booklet “Minimal Requirements for Intensive Care Departments”. It is available at the ESICM secretariat.
- Introduction
- Levels of care
- Operational guidelines
- Design recommendations
- References

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