Supplement I: Infection Control in Healthcare, Home, and Community Settings

CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | 08/01/2004
Servicios Hospitalarios Unidades Hospitalización Corta Estancia Documentación Documentos Supplement I: Infection Control in Healthcare, Home, and Community Settings

This new Supplement outlines the infection control recommendations for prevention of SARS-CoV transmission in healthcare, household, and community settings. During the 2003 global epidemic, SARS-CoV caused unprecedented levels of morbidity and mortality among healthcare personnel and disrupted healthcare delivery systems, leading in some instances to closure of hospitals. Rapid implementation and adherence to infection control measures proved essential for controlling transmission in healthcare settings. To assist healthcare facilities in controlling SARS-CoV transmission, CDC issued several infection control guidance documents that evolved with improved understanding of the virus and its modes of transmission. This Supplement consolidates, updates, and replaces the previous guidelines and provides new information to guide infection control practices for prevention of SARS-CoV transmission.
I. Rationale and Goals
II. Lessons Learned
III. Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities
- Preparedness Planning
- Early Recognition and Prevention of Transmission in Outpatient Settings
- Early Detection and Isolation of Patients Potentially at Risk for SARS-CoV Disease
- Infection Control Precautions for Hospitalized SARS Patients
· Patient placement
· Patient transport
· Visitors
· Hand hygiene
· Personal protective equipment (PPE)
· Medical waste
· Textiles (linen and laundry)
· Dishes and eating utensils
· Patient-care equipment
· Environmental cleaning and disinfection
· Aerosol-generating procedures
IV. Infection Control for Prehospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
- Patient Transport
- Personal Protective Equipment
- Safe Work Practices
- Clinical Specimens
- Post-Transport Management of the Contaminated Vehicle
- Follow-up of EMS Personnel
V. Infection Control for Care of SARS Patients at Home
- Assessment of the Residence
- Infection Control Precautions for SARS Patients Isolated at Home
- Follow-up of Contacts
VI. Infection Control for Care of SARS Patients in Community Isolation Facilities
VII. Infection Control for Public Health and Outreach Workers
VIII. Infection Control for Laboratory and Pathology Procedures
- Specimen Collection and Handling
- Laboratory Procedures
- Postmortem Handling of Human Remains
IX. Occupational Health Issues
- Surveillance and Monitoring of Healthcare Workers
- Management of Exposures and Other Contacts with SARS Patients
Appendix I1: Recommendations for Application of Standard Precautions for the Care of All Patients in All Healthcare Settings
Appendix I2: Summary of Recommendations for Expanded Precautions

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