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Building Type Basics for Healthcare Facilities proporciona la información esencial que se necesita para iniciar el diseño de hospitales de cuidados agudos, clínicas, instalaciones de cuidados a largo plazo,y centros especializados.

Richard L. Kobus
Ronald L. Skaggs
Michael Bobrow
Julia Thomas
Thomas M. Payette


Preface Stephen Kliment vii
Acknowledgments xi
Chapter 1 Perspective 1
Richard L . Kobus, Tsoi/Kobus & Associates
Chapter 2 Ancillary Departments Ronald L . Skaggs, HKS, Inc. 9
Introduction 9
Diagnostic Departments 14
Interventional Departments 50
Therapy Departments 91
Logistical Support Departments 107
Support Services 118

Chapter 3 Inpatient Care Facilities 131
Michael Bobrow and Julia Thomas, Bobrow/Thomas and Associates
Introduction 131
Background 131
Nursing Unit Evolution and Trends in Design and Planning 132
Planning for Efficient Operation 136
Plan Types 139
Multibed Versus Single-Bed Rooms 145
Interior Considerations and Architectural Design Issues 157
Specialized Inpatient Nursing Units and Their Unique Planning Issues 161
Functional and Space Programming Issues 167
Typical Functional Program 172
Interdepartmental Relationships and Departmental Groupings 179
International Challenges 179
Detailed Technical Issues 180
Trends, Including Reuse and Retrofit 190
Summary 191

Chapter 4 Ambulatory Care Facilities 193
Thomas M. Payette, Payette Associates
Introduction 193
Ambulatory Surgery Centers 196
Opthalmology Centers 201
Proton Therapy Centers 204
Ambulatory Psychiatric Facilities 207
Emergency Departments 212
Women’s Healthcare Centers 219
Heart Centers 224
Cancer Centers 229
Dialysis Centers 232
Adaptive Reuse of Space 238
Bibliography 241
Illustration Credits 242
Index 243
Kobus, Richard L. … [et al.]

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