Design Guidelines dor Queensland Residential Aged Care Facilities

| 21/11/2008
Tipología Residencias y Geriatría Documentación Documentos Design Guidelines dor Queensland Residential Aged Care Facilities

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These guidelines have been produced to serve as a performance based, bench marking document for the use of Queensland Health and its consultants in
developing improved models of accommodation and support infrastructure for residential aged care facilities. They identify design standards that will
contribute to achieving Accreditation and cost effective service delivery.

These guidelines are in no way to be construed as exhaustive or exclusive. It is envisaged that the guidelines will be used in conjunction with the
recommendations and requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA), Australian Standards or other codes. The implementation of these guidelines
in no way relieves users of their obligations to ensure such compliance and fitness for purpose in the development and design of such facilities.

It is emphasised that it is the delivery of appropriate resident care that will ensure a project?s viability and such compliance is not only related to the built fabric of a facility.

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