Fecha: 01/01/2004
Idioma: Inglés
Procedencia: American fisheries society

The new and revised Guidelines were developed to provide a structure that ensures appropriate attention to valid experimental design and procedures while also ensuring humane treatment of the experimental subjects. At a practical level, the Guidelines are intended to provide general recommendations on field and laboratory activities, such as
sampling, holding, and handling fishes; information on administrative matters, including regulations and permits; and advice concerning ethical questions, such as perceptions of pain or discomfort that may be experienced by experimental subjects. These Guidelines must be recognized as guidelines. They are not intended to provide detailed instructions
but rather to alert researchers to a broad array of topics and concerns with which they should become familiar before they initiate studies. Also, the Guidelines were not designed for the myriad fish handling activities conducted by fisheries managers nor for aquaculture operations or commercial fishing. However, the principles upon which these Guidelines are based are broadly applicable, and many of the recommended practices can be adapted to fishery management situations.

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