Fecha: 28/02/2010
Idioma: Inglés
Autor: Ghasson Shabha_Birmingham City University, UK
Procedencia: IFHE DIGEST

Plans for more robust deep cleaning systems to combat superbugs including MRSA might be advantageous. These are part of other measures which have been introduced to control the spread of infection to some extent, but how robust and effective are they in controlling the spread of the infection? What technological improvements and interventions can be made to maximise MRSA control in hospitals, and what role can facilities managers (FMs) play in addressing the problem of such far-reaching complexity in the light of the wealth of MRSA knowledgebase generated over the past few years?

This article assesses the effectiveness of the current design and management systems in controlling the spread of MRSA in secondary care Trusts in England. Current technological developments in hospital design and environmental systems will also be reviewed and analysed. Effective day-to-day management systems will be explored, and the roles and responsibilities of facilities managers as knowledge integrators in tackling MRSA addressed.

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