Fecha: 13/04/2004
Idioma: Inglés
Autor: Conjunto de expertos
Procedencia: Department of Human Services (Victoria, Australia)
Ubicación: Australia

The Guidelines for auditing risk management plans for cooling tower systems are intended to assist approved auditors in their role of auditing of a risk management plan (RMP) for a cooling tower system (CTS). The document describes how the auditing role came to be, its statutory functions and what to do in the event of detecting a non-onformance issue in Victoria.
Most importantly, it sets out the procedure to be employed in the auditing process. Following this procedure is a condition of remaining certified as an approved auditor.
1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Government strategy
1.3 Registration, compliance, inspections and audits
1.4 Building Act 1993 amendments as of 1 March 2005
1.5 Legislation links
2.0 Risk management plans
2.1 The five specified risks
2.2 Structure of a risk management plan
2.3 Review of risk management plans
2.4 “Trigger” events requiring reviews of risk management plans
3.0 Legislative requirements for auditing risk management plans for cooling tower systems
4.0 Becoming an approved auditor
4.1 Certification of approved auditors under the Building Act 1993
4.2 Conditions of certification
4.3 Revoking certification
4.4 Conflict of interest
5.0 Conducting an audit
5.1 Commissioning an audit
5.2 Components of an audit
5.3 Scope of the audit
5.4 Period of audit
5.5 Changes of ownership during period of audit
5.6 Addressing the five specified risks
5.7 Examples of addressing the five specified risks
5.8 Forming an opinion about the implementation of the risk management plan
5.9 Compliance with the Health (Legionella) Regulations 2001
5.10 Forming an opinion about compliance in relation to implementation
5.11 Completing a risk management plan audit certificate
6.0 Attachments
6.1. Audit Worksheet
6.2. Audit certificate
6.3. Weekly summary spreadsheet for compliant audits completed
6.4. Useful documents and resources

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