Fecha: 01/08/2002
Idioma: Inglés
Web: http://www.wales.nhs.uk/sites3/Documents/530/day%20surgery%20-%20operational%20guide.pdf
Autor: Varios autores
Procedencia: Department of Health
Ubicación: Inglaterra

This guide is an aide to managers and commissioners to improve efficiency in day surgery units. Taking it forward will also help them improve performance across a range of measures.

1. Introduction
2. Patients
3. Day Surgery Activity
4. Accommodation for Day Surgery
5. Management
6. Staff
7. Primary Care Trusts
8. Conclusion

· Annex A
– The Audit Commission ‘Basket of 25’
– Audit Commission 25 Basket Procedures Coding

· Annex B
– British Association of Day Surgery’s “trolley” of procedures

· Annex C
– Procedures to be moved out of day surgery facilities

· References
· Contact details

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