Fecha: 01/01/2002
Idioma: Inglés
Procedencia: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Journal
Ubicación: España

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Journal. 2002

By George Sze
Senior Consultant
(Mechanical Engineering),
CPG Corporation Pte Ltd, Singapore

Lek Siang Hwa
Vice President
CPG Corporation Pte Ltd, Singapore

Atul Mathur
Content Alive, Singapore


This article is written from the perspective of consultants and does not cover any particular project but draws on authors? experiences from a number of hospital projects completed in Singapore. The climatic conditions in Singapore are tropical with high humidity levels, much like coastal cities in India.

Human will to live healthy and longer lives and continued advances in medical science and technology have turned hospitals from merely buildings to sophisticated facilities for preventing and treating diseases. HVAC system in a hospital assumes high significance due to its sensitive relationship with the health of the patients, caregivers and visitors. HVAC system is also important as the cost of its operations affects the cost of healthcare in a significant way. This article focuses on three important issues in hospital HVAC design: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), energy recovery and system reliability.
Sze, G.; Hwa, L.S.; Mathur, A.

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