Management of laboratory animal care and use programs

CRC PRESS | 01/01/2002
Tipología Laboratorios (p) Servicios Hospitalarios Servicios Centrales Diagnóstico y Tratamiento Laboratorios Varios Documentación Bibliografias Management of laboratory animal care and use programs

Páginas: 408 pág.
ISBN: 0849322871
- Provides a comprehensive overview of laboratory animal management
- Stresses theory as well as practical applications
- Assembles the works of recognized authorities in the field
- Co-published with the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science

The management of biomedical research using animals has become increasingly complex due to new technology, increased regulatory oversight, and recognition of the need for animals free of disease and distress. Within this changing environment, individuals charged with the management of laboratory animal facilities have a substantial responsibility to the institution, the public, and the animals.

Management of Laboratory Animals Care and Use Programs provides both factual and theoretical information drawn from the substantial experience of authors who are noted experts in the field. This book will provide individuals with the basic knowledge and information necessary to meet typical professional challenges. A co-publication with the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science, this valuable book serves as the text for the Certified Manager Animal Resources (CMAR) exam.
Suckow, A. Mark; Douglas, Fred A.; Weichbrod, Robert H.

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