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ISBN: 0-11-322152-5
Electrical safety code for low voltage systems (Escode – LV)
Volume 2: Electrical safety rule book
Health Technical Memorandum 2020
London: The Stationery Office


These rules must be read in conjunction with HTM 2020 Volume 1: “Electrical safety code for low voltage systems (Escode-LC)” and any other electrical safety rules contained within the operational procedure manual.

Every management/employer has a duty under the Health and Safety at Work legislation to prepare and issue a general policy statement on health and safety at work, including the organisation and arrengements for carrying out that policy. For particular work or activities, special rules, related documents and procedures are necessary in support of these policy statements. These “Electrical safety rules for low voltage systems” or equivalent safety rules are used to cover work and activities associated with the low voltage systems and equipment at the management premises.

These safety rules (LV) are intended as a guide to safe working for empoyees when they are required to work on or near electrical systems/equipment at the management premises. These Safety rules (LV) have been approved by the Department of Health and the Welsh Office.

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