Simon 720 TNW-UVC: Light and desinfection binomial

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Due to the pandemic started in 2019 by the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2, an intense worldwide fight was started to effectively combat its spread. The results of these studies have enabled us to implement new methods to prevent contagion, which are also applicable to other viruses and bacteria of equal or greater danger, such as those related to nosocomial diseases in hospitals, caused by multidrug-resistant microorganisms.

One of the technologies that has demonstrated very high germicidal rates as well as high pathogen mortality has been ultraviolet radiation.

At Simon we have been working to implement ultraviolet technology and to be able to offer the market a professional solution that ensures an optimal fusion between the lighting or visual needs of the environment, and UV radiation when extra disinfection or germicidal effect is required; thus achieving a dual solution that grows the concept of lighting focused on people's wellbeing.

It is important to note that due to the intrinsic properties of ultraviolet or low wavelength radiation, additional safety measures are required in installations to ensure the absence of people or animals during use, as these radiations can cause harmful effects on eyes and skin.


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Under these premises, at Simon we have developed a family of LED luminaires for technical applications, which offer a first function of visible light emission with different colour temperatures depending on the needs, combined with a second function of ultraviolet emission for germicidal purposes when the room requires it and there are no people or animals present.

This new family of luminaires has two clearly identifiable and independently controllable emission zones: the perimeter zone that provides high-quality visible light emission; and the central zone that provides the ultraviolet radiation required for germicidal purposes.


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The perimeter white light zone ensures high quality emission with negligible flicker levels or flicker-free, and with low glare indexes UGR<19, at the same time as we can configure it spectrally to work at different colour temperatures or CCT and thus improve the synchronism of the circadian cycle of the users with natural light or the solar cycle. Helping to improve comfort and well-being from a functional, emotional and biological point of view.



The central zone of UV light emission is the one that will generate the germicidal effect in the room.

It is imperative that safety is maintained at all times during UV radiation, therefore it is necessary to install additional control elements such as presence sensors or CLC, key ignition by authorised persons, etc.

Ultraviolet radiation is not visible to the human eye as it is outside its spectral sensitivity range; therefore, for safety reasons, a blue light emission of λ480nm has been implemented. Thus, when the germicidal function is activated, the room will be blue as a warning.

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