Recent breakthroughs in UPS technologies

Alberto Castella | 01/01/2010
Instalaciones Electricidad Documentación Artículos Recent breakthroughs in UPS technologies

The reliability of electrical power supply to critical areas and essential functions in a hospital is an important objective for design consultants and maintenance service departments.
Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) are the elements that, appropiately selected, configured and induced in the electrical installation, will provide quality and continuity to critical loads across the hospital.
The newest UPS systems incorporate advanced technology and high quality components that optimise the intrinsic reliability of the equipment. Real-time remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities maximise the uptime of the systems and therefore the availability of supply to the loads.
The design of advanced UPS systems does also take into account energy efficiency as a primary goal.
All these aspects represent technological breakthroughs that are not always valued during hospital installation projects. Attributing proper value to advanced UPS systems is essential because of the role they play.
- UPS systems and architecture
- IGBT technology in the rectifier
- Advanced battery care
- Advanced digital vector control at the inverter
- Advanced remote diagnostics and monitoring service
- Summary

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