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Foreword by the Prime Minister
Executive summary
Introduction by the Secretary of State

1. Our vision: a health service designed around the patient
2. The NHS now
3. Options for funding healthcare
4. Investing in NHS facilities
5. Investing in NHS staff
6. Changed systems for the NHS
7. Changes between health and social services
8. Changes for NHS doctors
9. Changes for nurses, midwives, therapists and other NHS staff
10. Changes for patients
11. Changes in the relationship between the NHS and the private sector
12. Cutting waiting for treatment
13. Improving health and reducing inequality
14. The clinical priorities
15. Dignity, security and independence in old age
16. The reform programme

Annex 1 The public?s concerns about the NHS today
Annex 2 Modernisation action team members
Annex 3 Department of Health Public Service Agreement

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