Standard methods of tests of fire endurance of building construction and materials

NFPA 251 | 01/01/2099
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NFPA 251 specifies methods for determining the fire-resistive abilities of building members and assemblies.

NFPA 251
Standard Methods of Tests of Fire Endurance of Building Construction and Materials
1999 Edition

Chapter 1 General
Chapter 2 Control of Fire Tests
Chapter 3 Test Specimen
Chapter 4 Conduct of Fire Tests
Chapter 5 Tests of Bearing Walls and Partitions
Chapter 6 Tests of Nonbearing Walls and Partitions
Chapter 7 Tests of Columns
Chapter 8 Alternative Test of Protection for Structural Steel Columns
Chapter 9 Tests of Floor and Roof Assemblies
Chapter 10 Tests of Loaded Restrained Beams
Chapter 11 Alternative Classification Procedure for Loaded Beams
Chapter 12 Alternative Test of Protection for Solid Structural Steel Beams and Girders
Chapter 13 Performance of Protective Membranes in Wall, Partition, Floor, or Roof Assemblies
Chapter 14 Report of Results
Chapter 15 Referenced Publications
Appendix A Explanatory Material
Appendix B Operating Criteria for Fire Tests
Appendix C Recommendations for Thermocouple Pads
Appendix D Report Information
Appendix E Guide for Determining Conditions of Restraint for Floor and Roof Assemblies and for Individual Beams
Appendix F Method of Correcting Fire Endurance for Concrete Slabs Determined by Unexposed Surface Temperature Rise for Nonstandard Moisture Content
Appendix G Commentary
Appendix H Referenced Publications

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