Lighting or Clinical Observation of Cyanosis

| 15/09/2008
Instalaciones Iluminación Documentación Artículos Lighting or Clinical Observation of Cyanosis

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Hospital Engineering & Facilities Management, 2007: 61-63

Clinical observation has always been an important part of medical diagnosis. One important aspect of clinical observation is the reliable detection of cyanosis, that is, the bluish discoloration in the skin and mucous membranes that indicates that oxygen levels in the blood are dangerously depicted. While pulse oximeters are used in operating rooms and recovery areas, there are areas within hospitals where these are not universally used and there are some medical conditions, for example where patients have poor peripheral circulation, which can make their use unreliable. In these instances, the ability of medical staff to reliably detect the onset of cyanosis by visual observation may be critical to a patient's wellbeing.
A. Midolo, Neil y Sergeyeva, Larissa

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