OR Fires caused by fibertopic illumination systems

| 30/10/2008
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Health Devices, may 1982;11(7):148-9

We received two reports from member hospitals of fires ignited by fiberoptic illumination systems (which consist of the light source, or projector, and the light-transmitting cable) during arthroscopic surgery.

In one incident, the fiberoptic cable was disconnected from the arthroscope and placed on the surgical drapes with the xenon light source activated. The high-intensity output from the cable ignited the cloth drapes, causing a smoldering fire with considerable smoke. Fortunately, elevated oxygen and nitrous oxide levels were not present (as they might be near the patient's head during anesthesia). The fire was extinguished before the patient was burned. In a second incident, the disconnected fiberoptic cable ignited disposable nonwoven surgical paper drapes that had trapped a pocket of oxygen (leaked from a faulty inflation connector of a pneumatic tourniquet). The resulting flash fire severely burned the patient's leg.

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